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Some common questions you may have:

What age should I start my child in Religious Education Classes?
The year your child enters First Grade academically they should also begin religion classes.

How often, when and where are classes held?

Classes are held once a week. They begin in September and continue until June. Beginning on Sunday, September 5, 2018, classes will be held as follows:

Every Sunday grades K through 9th at 8:30am (Holy Mass), followed by catechism from 9:45am 11:15am

Do I need to be a registered in the parish to enroll a child in Religious Education?
Yes. Our Religious Education program is for families registered at Saint Anthony of Padua Parish. You may complete a registration form available at the sacristy or come into the rectory office during regular office hours Monday thru Thursday 9:00am to 3:30pm (Closed 12:00pm to 1:00pm for lunch). Envelopes may be requested at this time also.

Is there a cost?
Our regular rate for each child is $25.00  

Once I’m registered in the parish—how do I register for classes?
Registration forms are available in the Church sacristy and Rectory office. Once forms are completed and a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate is attached, along with tuition please contact Mrs. Ana Aldarondo at (508) 993-1691. Paperwork may be dropped off at the Church Sacristy or rectory office Attn: Mrs. Ana Aldarondo. You will be contacted once we have received your paperwork.

I have an older child (3rd grade thru 6th) who is baptized but has never attended catechism, what class should they be enrolled in?
We would accommodate the child accordingly after being tested. Please provide us with a copy of their baptismal certificate.

I have a child that has not been baptized; can they be enrolled in classes?
Please contact Mrs. Aldarondo to arrange an appointment to plan your child’s Baptism. Classes can be discussed at this time also. Parish rectory: (508) 993-1691 or email:

We just moved to the area and our children attended a program previously. Can they continue their Religious Education where they left off in your program?
Yes. Please register in the parish, complete Religious Education registration forms, provide a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate, tuition  and name of parish previously attended—so we may contact them for a copy of your child’s records.

Can I volunteer in the Religious Education Program?
We are always looking for capable volunteers willing to share their time and talent as well as witness to faith with our students in the role of catechist or classroom aide.  Our volunteers must go through a complete background check and attend a Safe Environment Training provided by the Fall River Diocese. If you are interested please contact
Mother Consecrata - Parish Director of Religious Education Program
at 774.929.0337 or by email at:

What is expected from a child or youth attending Catechism at Saint Anthony of Padua?
We offer a vibrant and active Religious Education program for children and youth. First attending Holy Mass is a very important component of our Catholic faith. An Advent and Lent Retreat are offered for grades 6th, 7th, 8th and Confirmation. Also outing, that requires anywhere from half a day to a full day. Constant visitation to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, pray the Holy Rosary in and outside catechism. Conferences and workshops and any other event we believe may help your child’s faith development.

What about Community Service?
Community service is part of our religious education program and is offered to every child in grades 5th to Confirmation. As a parishioner of St. Anthony of Padua we want our children to feel that they are part of the community at large.

For additional information contact:
Mother Consecrata - Parish Director of Religious Education Program
CCD Office is in the parish hall and Mother Consecrata will be available

WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY from 9:30am 12:30PM
She can also be reached at 774.929.0337 or by email at:


To download Level One Basic Prayers (all grades), please click here

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"Love your children.  In them you can see Baby Jesus.  Pray for them a lot and every day put them under Holy Mary's protection".  Saint Gianna Berretta Mola